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One of the more interesting groups you’ll encounter on the internet is the Kadafi Obedience Cell. The group is nothing more than an internet forum dedicated to discussing the topic of Islamic law, especially when it comes to women’s rights and fighting against Western foreign policy in the Middle East. It should be noted at the beginning that the discussion at this site is a minority opinion, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth your while checking out. In fact, there are people inside who have actually fought off an enemy – the so-called “Kadafi Underground”.

kadafi outlawz

The reason I’m telling you this is not because I want to encourage anyone to take up arms against the United States or anyone else, but rather because there is a good bit of information for you to consider here. For starters, we now know that the so-called Moderate opposition in Syria, which includes both the Revolutionary Military Council and the Syrian National Salvation Front, are radical fringe groups, full of religious hatred and Salafist ideology. Now then, anyone who wants to join the Free Syrian Army or the FSA is free to do so, but not before they undertake an education in fundamental Islam and become familiar with proper Muslim conduct, both as it relates to women’s rights and the conduct of war. This includes not only the Sunnis but also Shi’ites, Al Qaeda and everyone fighting against the axis.

So what happens when you sign up? You’re given a call, or leader, and you’re expected to follow his orders. Yes, the wali may come from al Qaeda, but that doesn’t mean you have to bow to his authority. On the contrary, you’re free to challenge his decisions, but you’re still expected to follow his orders, regardless of what those orders may be.

If you’re someone who has received an MBE, or knighthood, or equivalent (you can get one online), you’re going to have quite a bit of extra publicity, most likely at your expense. That’s because the Free Syrian Army is recruiting everywhere. There are groups in the United States, in the Gulf Arab States and even Central Asia that are working with the FSA. The reason why they’re doing this is not known, but I’ve heard it speculated that it’s because certain Gulf Arabs is upset with the way things are going in Iraq, which may explain the fact that they want to provide the FSA with arms so they can fight – and defeat – the Assad Regime. Whether or not this is true, it doesn’t matter, because you’re now on the FSA’s side and you must use your influence to help the FSA to get trained and supplied, and you must convince the world that you’re part of the solution – not just a bunch of radicals bent on revenge.

In other words, don’t get too excited about this whole rebel group thing. First, read their literature, study their history and read their online statements. Second, talk to people in the group, both the dead and the living. Find out how they’re doing, what they’re thinking and what they plan to do. The idea that you can buy an AK-47 and turn the gun on those who disagree with you is absurd, and you’d be wise to avoid any connection.

Third, read some of the more outlandish anti-western websites and think about what their real purpose is. Is this some kind of elaborate joke? Are they serious? If it’s just a joke, why would they post this on their website? Are they trying to recruit you as part of a human chain? There are legitimate concerns about this group, and this raises questions, so you should investigate further if you are interested in joining, but don’t join if you have nothing to lose by learning more.