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One of the most difficult areas of commercial kitchens to keep clean is the exhaust filtration system, which removes smoke from the stove into the outside air. With a little knowledge, most of this maintenance can be done as a routine activity. 

This article describes how often components need to be cleaned and the hazards to watch out for. You can also get the high efficiency filtration solutions in Australia to keep your commercial kitchen clean.

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One of the areas of the kitchen that gets dirty the fastest in the area above the oven itself, where air and smoke are exhausted through an extract canopy that contains an oily filter to trap the oil and grease released during the cooking process. 

The extraction filter itself is designed to trap contaminants. They need to be cleaned regularly before they reach their saturation point.  How often the filter needs to be cleaned depends on its setup.

If you clean the extract filters by yourself, it is often best to wash them in a standard dishwasher. Therefore, they must be designed, dimensioned, and constructed to be strong enough to withstand the general washing in this environment.

If the cleaning interval is not too long, washing with soap or mild detergent and warm water then rinsing with clean water is usually suitable for most amenities. If there is too much time between cleanings, the grease will burn and require special care.

It is therefore important to thoroughly clean the entire extraction system within a maximum of six months and, in very heavy use cases, even within three months.