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rap group outlawz

What is the Concept Behind the Outlawz?

One of the newest rap groups to hit the scene is known as the rap group Outlawz. The group was formed in 2020 by members of a thrash metal band named Triumph of Death.

You must be wondering what this will mean for you, the reader and me, because it sounds kinda’ strange. What I mean is, what kind of music are they going to make? Can you imagine the thrash metal music group they are going to be, or the hip hop ones?

Well, these were the types of questions that came to my mind after reading about the formation of Outlawz. Apparently, the members of the Triumph of Death were playing together for several years and somehow they decided to form their own rap group together. But wait, they didn’t call themselves outlaws. Yes, I know you’re thinking, that doesn’t sound right either.

What I mean is, Outlawz was created with two very popular ideas in mind. One idea was based on metal and the other one is based on the rap group, Public Enemy. Both of them have influenced many people, including some individuals who were originally from the former group.

In any case, the group has just released their debut album, “Outlaws”. This album has the ability to show what type of music they’re about. Sure, you might think the music is too “obscene” for you, but as long as you do listen to it and understand the principles behind it, you’ll be able to appreciate it.

One of the principles that the group used for their rap group was written in order to show that it is not appropriate to be able to show affection for one person without showing affection towards another. The group will go on and say that love is the only thing that can conquer all hate.

Another principle used by the group is based on rap and it was called “The Mr. Anderson Theory”. In this theory, it was said that Mr. Anderson was the best rapper of all time and he created rap music out of the feelings that others felt. So, Outlawz decided to copy this principle to show how we can feel our feelings through rap.

So, you see, the concept behind Outlawz is in accordance with many of the concepts that have been used by many rap groups in the past. It is said that the group was starting to say that love can conquer all hate, and one can get rid of his hate by expressing his love.