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tupac outlawz

Tupac O’Rourke and Big Daddy Kane’s Album

Two words that describe the sound of Tupac Shakur’s rapping are “Wake up to your mind.” That’s exactly what this album is a wake-up call. Tupac Shakur was not content to sit back and watch the world pass him by. He was ready to make his mark on the hip hop music scene with his own album that would define the genre.

All Eyez on Me is full of Shakur’s trademark smooth yet rough vocals. It is also filled with guest appearances by many big name rappers. On this album, Big Daddy Kane is again included as a guest rapper. On this track, Kane discusses his prison life and reflects on his experiences living with a sentence on his life. After spending many years in prison, he feels like no one understands his situation and expresses his frustration by rapping about being trapped in a “box”.

One other notable feature on Tupac Shakur’s One Time Me profile is a song called “Bank Robbing”, which features P Diddy and Pharrell Williams. On this track, they detail the kind of money they pulled from different bank accounts over the years and share the scheme that got them to that point. Though he is incarcerated, P Diddy still continues to draw millions of dollars in contracts with the help of Williams. Shakur was not involved in the scheme, but he was nevertheless featured on this record because of his association with P Diddy. The double sided posters of P Diddy and Shakur are visible on the front of One Time Me.

Outlawz is the follow up to Once Again, and this time, Tupac Shakur was not alone in the studio producing the album. He worked with producer Scott Storch to produce the album, which was recorded live at Hot 97 in New York City. With the collaboration of the two, the streets and soul infused lyrics delivered by Shakur are on full force on This is War. The only bad thing about This is War is that it lacks a hit single. However, the overall quality and production of the album made it well worth the buy.

Tupac Shakur also received accolades for his appearance on the television show American Idol. In the finale of the show, Tupac performed with his group Mother Mothership performing their hit song “Love is in the air”. Though not a single singles were produced by the band. This helped the group gain popularity and credibility.

Hip hop fans and rap enthusiasts will surely enjoy This is War because of the unique style and beat that is provided by Tupac and Big Daddy Kane. However, if you are not a fan of rap music and contemporary music in general, the group’s previous works may seem a bit boring to you. But then again, it is your choice. Whichever you choose, you can always count on Tupac and Big Daddy to deliver the goods.