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The Offenderz Tattoo by David Shafer

Based on the true story of O.J Simpson, the Offenderz Tattoo movie is a rollicking crime thriller that tells the tale of Simpson’s trial for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson. The movie depicts Simpson as an out-of-control criminal who runs across the wrong crowd, gets captured, and turns in himself to the authorities. This colorful tale of a great sportsman, a bungling attorney, and an absolutely unstoppable criminal is entertaining and insightful. The supporting actors more than make up for what might be lacking in plot, as they provide near-perfect acting performances that highlight the movie’s many highlights.

Tattoo artist Tony Rivera creates the perfect comic relief as an incompetent, out-of-control cop who chases O.J. Simpson around the city with his badge, brandishing a gun. The supporting casts more than make up for what could be lacking in plot; as they all deliver comic relief, while some, like Rivera’s, completely overshadow the star of the movie (Simpson). However, some of the dialogue is less than believable. However, as a part of a movie that is largely forgettable, it is probably worth the minimal dialog and witty one liners that are present in the movie.

The Offenderz Tattoo movie itself does not have much content beyond its main storyline, which centers on Simpson’s lengthy trial for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson. It is based off of the real-life case that Simpson, an athlete, was tried and convicted of the murder of the model. There is some courtroom drama, but very little actual legal or penal proceedings that you would find in real life. As such, the Offenderz Tattoo book is more like a fictionalized legal proceeding, where people’s actions are compared to real people and events that happened years ago in a court of law.

In essence, the book is about how O.J. Simpson got arrested after a dispute between two Los Angeles police officers. It chronicles the trial that Simpson went through, his trials, his acquittals, and ultimately his imprisonment. While many legal books have limited information about a case, this book has a lot of detail about the legal proceedings that Simpson went through. The detailed nature of the story makes it a good read for people who are interested in the legal system and how it works.

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