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Have you ever been frustrated because you can't find that special bottle or because you can't show your wine collection to your friends? Well, this is all possible regardless of whether your collection is large or small, or whether it resides in a specially built basement or a closet under the stairs. Wine Cellar Design comes in different styles, sizes, and materials to ensure that your valuable collection can be safely and elegantly stored.

What are the available bottle rack options?

There is a wide range of racks available; These now come in many different styles, materials, and sizes. The racks can be found in different configurations, such as hanging or attached racks. The racks come in thousands of different shapes, sizes, and designs. One of the most popular rack options for small areas, such as under stairs or in a closet, is the modular system that can be built and added to fit the exact space you plan to use.

Diamond or triangle style storage systems are also popular, however, you should remember that if you need to get a bottle from the bottom of a triangle, you will need to remove all the bottles from the top first.  

There are also hanging racks that allow the wine to be stored in almost any area, so don't limit yourself to just the wall space. Specifically built cellar shelves will take up the entire space on the wall of the room to store large quantities of wine bottles.

Many designers can now use CAD (Computer-Aided Design) to design their winery, all they need to provide is the specific dimensions of their winery. Many of these designers can build modular racks to fit your design and room space, and you can install them yourself.