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The Battle of Los Angeles – How Is It Possible To Make a Documentary On A Rap Album?

The one and only rap album of all time, The Battle of Los Angeles has many people talking. From its rhyming to its content, it’s hard to decide what Tupac did or didn’t do. Of course his name and fame brought a level of scrutiny, but he was not perfect, no rapper is.

The fact is that his lyrics were controversial, even now he is frequently quoted in articles concerning the use of words in the lyrics of rap music. However, what we are talking about here is the totality of the man, his overall effect on the culture and the society he lived in. Since so much of what he stood for is in jeopardy in our society, his influence will be felt in years to come. His influence is definitely more to our country than his music itself.

What doesn’t matter to him, though, is what anyone else thinks. The hip hop community is not without its critics, whether you like it or not, there are bound to be some who don’t appreciate what Tupac did or didn’t do. Maybe you think he should have been more sensitive with his words and took a different approach in his lyrics. If this is the case, then please understand that he was a product of his time and influenced by his surroundings.

In the context of rap music, what he did can be seen as being part of the culture, but also as representative of that culture. In the world today, when many young black men from the ghetto try to mimic what black people in the big city did decades ago, they often forget that they live in a different culture and it’s important for them to listen to other music, such as rap. He wanted to be at the forefront of a new generation, one that respected and understood him. When the cops killed him, many of us thought his death was a warning to the youth not to imitate what had happened. This is something he never intended, just part of the life of an artist.

The Battle of Los Angeles would not have been possible without the pioneers of hip hop, the producer The Notorious B.I.G., who created the group Death Row Records, the rapper Tupac Shakur, and of course The Outlawz. While each one of them came from different parts of the ghetto, they all had one thing in common: they knew how to make something big and different. That is why they were able to create such a cultural phenomenon.

For many years, The Outlawz went on to create the greatest rap albums ever. These albums were legendary for their themes, songs, beats, and lyrics. You could say that they helped to elevate the genre of rap music, which changed the face of pop music in America forever.

Tupac Shakur wrote some of the best rhymes of all time. Today, you see many rappers who literally copy Tupac’s flow, and it’s all because of the impact that he had on the culture of rap.