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One of the most talked about albums in the world is Tupac and the Antagonist. This collaboration between the West Coast legend Tupac and a trio of producers that call themselves The Album Wall, features two previously released albums mixed with new material. It’s an interesting concept for an artist to put together their own brand of music, but one that works remarkably well for the artist. Tupac and The Antagonist feature several songs that have been covered by artists like Kanye West, Elton John and many more. If you’re familiar with West’s work then you’ll find this album fairly representative of what he was doing at the time.

tupac and the outlawz album

Tupac and The Antagonist feature ten songs that have been recorded specifically for the album. Two of these have been previously released as well as new songs. One of those being “All Eyez on Me”, which features frequent collaborators such as Sureshnee, Rihanna and Young Money. It’s quite a diverse album cover that pays tribute to the many different styles of music from the past few years, but also showcases a newer sound that the West Coast rapper is trying to bring to the forefront. On the album cover you can also see a picture of Tupac holding the Top Dogg award, which is considered to be a sign of respect in the industry.

As previously mentioned, the first single from Tupac and The Antagonist was “Reckless”. The single from the album is full of guest stars such as The Notorious B.I.G., Big Daddy Kane, Versezy and several other rap heavy hitters. Another great song that features on the album cover is “Love Galore” with 2 Chainz. The song is off of The Greatest album and has produced some of the biggest hits in radio today. The song is off of the full-length version and is just about as dramatic as the name would suggest. While the single isn’t too long, it’s definitely packed with great content and is a necessity listen for any fan.

Two other songs that are featured on the album cover that people might not have been familiar with are “Polarize” and “Come On You Silly”. These two songs actually feature in the middle part of the album, and have become some of the more familiar songs from Tupac and The Anonymous Album. Both songs feature an array of guest stars like Big Daddy Kane, Versezy and The Notorious B.I.G., who really made an impact with their verses on this album. It features a lot of guest appearances from artists like Rihanna, P Diddy, J. Money and Missy Elliot, and was produced by the late Michael Jackson.

One other song that makes its way onto the album cover is “Ether Yourself”, which is one of the only songs from Tupac and The Outsiders that don’t feature any producers from The Bronx. The song is produced by DJ Premier and features appearances from people like Big Daddy Kane and Wale. It is mostly instrumental with no lyrics included, which makes it an interesting listen for anyone who has never heard of Tupac. The Outlaws also do a feature on the album as well, with “Breathe” featuring the likes of Big Boi, Big Pimp and Big Daddy Kane.

Tupac and The Outlaws: Collision Course is not the greatest album that they ever put out, but it is still a great album to listen to, even 20 years after it’s release. The music is still relevant today with all the social issues that we face through our mass media culture, and it still showcases the talents that made Tupac and The Outlaws an act that everyone can take a listen to. Even though there are a lot of songs that don’t seem to connect with the listener at first listen, there is something else that draws you in. That is the great album cover, which features Tupac as a hoodie-wearing, shooting guns and partying hard image.