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When talking with a manual stapler, you will find that it comes in different designs for you. This device is made to meet your needs as well as staplers in the office or at home.

When you staple with this device or incorrectly fill staples bad in it, you could cause a malfunction or stuck to this unit. To address this, you must make quick troubleshooting and safety so you'll be able to solve the problem with your manual stapler.


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Thus, you must ensure that you use the equipment properly and notice a problem that rises immediately to get it resolved. The following are things you can do to troubleshoot manual stapler from what you have.

1. You should consider the statement of the model of a stapler you use. This will give you information about the type and the instructions for completing the staples.

2. You need to check the staples you are currently using so that you can determine whether they are appropriate or not guys. Indeed, the blocked manual stapler is often caused by poor staples that are prosecuted.

3. You need to take any base you can find stuck in the stapler. You can do this by turning using a pair of needle-nose pliers when towing. When you find that the staples break into two pieces, you must ensure that you also pull the second piece staples.

4. You must replace bad staples with those offered by the manufacturer.