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All events aren't precisely the same. It is important to choose a BBQ caterer who has experience in the same kind of function. Consult your prospective caterer regarding how long they've been in operation and the catering industry.

Ask the caterer regarding the number of guests they've catered, so that you get an idea if they will be able to satisfy your guests or not. 

There are a lot of options if you are looking for food catering services in Brisbane, but you need to check if they can fit into your event or not. The replies the caterers give can allow you to draw an inference on their degree of experience. Some caterers may reply with false statements regarding their experience, you need to be careful of such people.

Some BBQ catering providers ask for a proportion of the whole fees before catering to the events. Before hiring a caterer inquire about their payment stipulations.


At times the guests that you invite may opt to include one or more of the buddies. Therefore, you could have more guests than you anticipated on your occasion. It is important to think about this type of scenario and tell your caterers also to be ready for this situation as well.

You might not feel thrilled if some of those friends of your visitors to the event are hungry while some are overfed. Reach an understanding with your BBQ caterer about the best way to cater the guests so, that everyone has Bon Appétit.