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The rise of Barack Hussein Obama as the favorite son of a black Muslim family in the US is most ironic, considering the anti-American views of his father. During the late 70s, US President Jimmy Carter labelled the United States an “enemies nation” due to the radical Islamic minority which was taking over the Muslim-occupied nation. And yet, the US President who is now following in his father’s footsteps seems eager to join the fight against Islamic terrorism. But how dangerous is fighting a war with terrorists, when you are the sworn enemy?

For anyone who doubts this, consider the example of Algeria’s President Bouteflika, a moderate leader. When Islamic radicals took over Algeria, they declared their intention to form a “religious army” that would defend Muslim lives and impose Shariah law across the globe. Religious tolerance is non-existent in Algeria, therefore, when the radicals set up their death squad, the international community stood back and watched as hundreds were executed. Many people argue that it would have been better if Bouteflika had simply surrendered to the demands of the radicals, but he chose to fight to the bitter end – that is his prerogative.

So, is President Obama following the same dangerous trend as his father? If so, then what lesson is he learning? Interestingly enough, his recent comments that all Americans are fundamentally good people demonstrates his intellectual laziness. To suggest that all Muslims are just hate-filled fundamentalists is not only disingenuous, it is dangerous. It’s also an alarming sign of a president who believes that we should have zero tolerance for those who commit political violence – including killing their fellow Americans.

In fact, it was widely believed by his most die-hard supporters that he was running against Senator John McCain (who happens to be a Southern Baptist) for the presidential nomination. What happened? Well, Obama dropped out of the race early – in July. Some believe this was due to fears of losing to Hillary Clinton in the primary.

So, why did he choose to run against McCain – whose war record and views are far leftwing, and whose cabinet picks are filled with radicals? Perhaps, it was fear. But if so, it is very unfortunate that Obama has jeopardized his chance at the White House by choosing a fight with Senator John McCain over a fool like Senator Ted Kennedy. That is a terrible shame and yet, at least we can admire his desire to stand up for what is right – even when it is unpopular.

So, if Obama could have fought Senator Ted Kennedy, or vice versa, he would have won, and we would not be living in a nation of tyrants now. The death squad killer tactics that the left uses against its political opponents are certainly reprehensible. However, one has to ask where else on the left will these tactics take us? I suspect that we will see more of this in the coming years.