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The amount of foreigners considering becoming Italian citizens has risen constantly in the past couple of decades since Italy is among the most significant markets in Europe and the European Union. 

It's likely to acquire Italian double citizenship since the government here does not call for overseas immigrants to give up their citizenship, as other nations do. That can be what makes Italy extremely attractive for overseas citizens, whatever the reason they choose to relocate.

Moreover, there are many consultants that also offer full service italian dual citizenship packages. Below points clarify who will obtain Italian dual citizenship and also the ways to do this. 

italian dual citizenship services

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Criteria for qualifying for Italian dual citizenship

There are numerous criteria to be fulfilled for those considering getting double citizenship in Italy. Among these are:

  • The principal requirement would be to have a minimum of one Italian ancestor and be in a position to confirm that with proof.
  • Overseas citizens with Italian descendants born after March 17th, 1861 can automatically become Italian taxpayers per Jure Sanguinis;
  • The Italian ancestor should haven't obtained yet another citizenship that has decided them to give their ideology.
  • When derived by a maternal line, double citizenship can be obtained in the female's paternal line, in the event she had been born until 1948.
  • Overseas investors moving into Italy through investment by citizenship can get Italian dual citizenship.
  • Italian double citizenship may also be accessed if the applicant's grandparents were citizens.