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You possibly have salespeople coming into your home and start prescribing air conditioning for Inverter Ducted Air. And you're impossible to truly understand how it functions. Below is a simple description of the units of the Inverter. 

You know this is a simple traditional device with a basic engine, much like your motor vehicle. Basically, this motor has two speeds. Stop and Flat Out. You can get in touch with professional Daikin service agents to know more about it. 

Non-Inverter vs Inverter Air Conditioner: Which Should You Choose?

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In these types of motors, these devices use a lot of power because starting a motor from ZERO requires a lot of energy. And the engine will turn off entirely when your home hits the temperature you asked for on your climate control thermostat. 

These engines are built differently for an inverter air conditioning system, like Fujitsu, Daikin, or Mitsubishi Electric. You see, the motor can start up slowly as you turn on an inverter so that it does not consume a lot of fuel, then the motor slowly speeds up to maximum power on a sliding scale. This way, the machine needs less resources to start up initially. 

The engine will start slowing down, thereby consuming less power, as the ducted device gets closer to hitting the temperature you asked for in your house. And the temperature in your home will remain more stable as an additional bonus, ensuring the heat load has been completed and you have correctly sized your machine.