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Millions of people have visited chiropractors for neck pain. Excessive computer use can cause pain that radiates to the hands, causing additional pain or numbness. In fact, musculoskeletal disorders of the upper extremities are one of the most common diseases associated with the neck and shoulders.

Young people who grew up using computers also report pain they experience when using computers. Sitting too long at the computer puts a strain on your back and neck, which is made worse by bad posture. You can also find the best neck pain chiropractor in Madison WI online.

Your chiropractor can help relieve pain, but you should stretch and exercise regularly to strengthen your core muscles. More people use computers every day for long hours. Most of us sit with our heads down, which strains our neck muscles. The normal curvature of the neck can stretch, putting more strain on the surrounding tissue.

This causes problems in the spine such as subluxation and disc hernias. Additional symptoms are headache, paresthesia, and eye problems.

Subluxation chiropractors use special adjustments to correct abnormal spinal positions that are causing pain. Successful treatment will reduce pressure on the affected spinal cord so you can work more effectively.

Your doctor will instruct you on correct posture and effective exercises to prevent further occurrences, as well as diet tips for promoting better health.

Many people seek out chiropractors for headaches – especially migraine headaches. Sometimes people suffer from chronic headaches for years before they schedule an appointment with a chiropractor (DC) for help.