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Nowadays, many young couples are opting to put off engagements and weddings till they're older and rather decide to live together in a de-facto relationship.

Many couples are inclined to do so in order to prevent the high divorce rates, sadly, when it comes to breaking up and death, the law will become quite complex.

Whilst the optimal way to obtain the legal advantages of a union is by getting married, this isn't feasible for some couples. In such scenarios, it's most appropriate for the couple to meet up a wills and estates lawyer that will enable them to structure their property in a manner that benefits both parties of the couple.

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You can get the best will, trust & estate lawyers in CA via Source Law Firm. The attorney will talk with you some of the disadvantages of living in a de-facto connection, such as:

When a married couple divorces, every party is entitled to 50 percent of all assets which were obtained during the union. But most of the time a de-facto couple separates, the court will award 100% possession to the party whose name is on the name.

If a de-facto connection is organized so that one party is your breadwinner and another a homemaker, the courtroom will frequently award all resources to the breadwinner who financially supported the family.

By meeting a wills and estates attorney, you can avoid most of the problems of the de-facto relationship as outlined previously.