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Pallets are horizontal platform device which is used as a base for storing, transportation, assembly, and handling of products and materials as one unit load. They offer protection to the product contained therein and the bottom of the deck to prevent damage to palletized goods.

Pallets are made using various materials and they come in various sizes to suit the demands of the goods stored or transported.

Wooden Pallets – They are some of the most popular because of how powerful, strong, and affordable they are. Durable wooden pallets are great for heavier products and easy to store on a shelf and also offer safe load carriers.

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The board can be removed and replaced if damaged create a palette very practical and comfortable and they can also be recycled. They are easy and quick construction, but they can be very heavy and therefore expensive for air transport.

Aluminum Or Metal Pallets – They are suitable for the transportation of heavy goods, at sea storage, outdoor storage, and long-term air transportation. This palette is loved because of its strength and good hygiene, especially for the catering business.

Plastic Pallets – They are safe and stable, making good choices for all types of transportation applications. They can be reused without a special kind of care and maintenance and offer an anti-slip surface and high loading capacity.

The palette is light, resistant to shock and stress, resistant to chemicals, and can be used in all climate conditions without any problem. They do not splinter or have dangerous nails and screws, but they are not suitable for storage shelves. Having cracked or damaged, they will be difficult to repair.