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tupacamp39s outlawz

Tupac#39; s Outlawz Review

Tupac#39; s Outlawz is a compilation of tracks from the group’s albums, and it showcases some of their most popular songs. It contains songs from their last two albums, The Lost & Found and Last Rappers Standing. Outlawz also contains the first few tracks from their first album.

Outlawz is a solid album that has a number of hits and tracks. Tupac has a lot of great lyrics and delivers some great beats. This album is worth the price because of the quality of music, which is consistently excellent, and the fact that it showcases the group’s music to its best.

Some of the songs are good, others are bad, but all of them are excellent. One of my favorite tracks on Outlawz is “California Love” which features Tupac#39; a smooth flow as well as a few great rhymes. This song has an intro of “When I’m done with my mission, I’ll be your friend and you’ll never need to worry about anything”, and then goes into “I can’t do it alone when I’m doing it wrong.” Tupac#39; s flow is impeccable on this one and is able to make a rhyme as strong as any I’ve heard in a long time.

My next favorite track from Outlawz is “Came From Nothing” featuring Rakim. This song has a great beat that really sets the tone for the whole album. While I personally like this song a lot, I think it’s overshadowed by a few other tracks on the album. Still, it’s an exceptional song that deserves to be played on repeat while riding in your car to work every day.

The other track I really love on Outlawz is the “Hate Me Now” track. On this track Tupac#39; s flow flows is really good, and he raps about what he feels like going through everyday. He raps, “I’m sitting here, eating lunch, feeling depressed and feel nothing,” and that’s all I got to say about that. I’m not a big fan of his lyrics when he’s rapping about feeling nothing, but I think they’re very sincere. and he delivers them well in this song.

I really enjoy Outlawz because it’s such a diverse collection of songs, and it showcases the best that Tupac#39; s ever put out. Even though some of the songs are mediocre, none of them are bad, and I think you’ll enjoy this release as much as I do.