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the outlawz rap group

The Outlawz Rap Group

The Outlawz were a rap group from Los Angeles, California. Initially signed to the Makaveli Records label, the Outlawz switched to Death Row after Tupac’s death. They are a well-known rap group, whose members include MC Lyte, Big Syke, and Napoleon. Their members have many famous rap names, and their rap names were based on political leaders from different times and places.

The Outlawz rap group’s name came from the rap names of its members, many of whom were inspired by various leaders of the resistance movement. Their backronym was ‘Operating Under Thug Laws As Warriorz’, which does not refer to the group’s name. In addition, Big Syke and Mopreme had cut ties to the Death Row crew, which led them to leave the group. They later teamed up with Lil Cease, a member of the Junior Mafia. However, their rift with Death Row caused them to release the single “Karma” featuring Snoop Dogg and Napoleon.

The Outlawz’s debut album, ‘Makaveli,’ was released on December 21, 1999. It featured 14 songs with Tupac, but Fatal was removed from the album due to a feud with the group. Afterward, the group released their third LP, ‘Novakane,’ which debuted at the 100th spot on the Billboard 200 and third on the independent albums chart. The Outlawz’s first single, ‘Baby Don’t Cry,’ and the video ‘Keep Ya Head Up’, were released.

After the death of Tupac, Hussein Fatal rejoined the group. After Hussein Fatal and Napoleon, he had left the group. His alias, ‘Napoleon,’ was given to him after the former president of Iraq. In 2009, he rejoined the Outlawz. Meanwhile, ‘Bones’ and ‘Bonaparte’ were used to refer to members of the group, as well as other rappers.

After the death of 2Pac, the Outlawz disbanded. He was shot by his cousin, Big Syke, in an accident. His cousin was a member of the Outlawz, which is why he was named ‘Naola’. The name ‘Naola’ is a French word, meaning “Naola”. In the end, the Outlawz had several members that were ‘Kamani’.

The Outlawz’s debut album was released on December 21, 1999. The album featured 14 of 15 songs with Tupac. The first single, ‘Baby Don’t Cry,’ was the first video to be released. In June 2014, the group released a video for their song “Karma,” featuring Snoop Dogg and Fatal. The Outlawz have been a popular rap group for the past decade.

The Outlawz released an album called ‘Bomb’ in 2005, but the album didn’t do well in the charts. In 2006, the Outlawz signed a short-term deal with Young Buck’s Ca$hville Records. Kastro and Fatal were the only Outlawz members to remain active. While the Outlawz rap group is no longer active, the remaining members have remained connected through various activities.