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outlawz real talk

The Omen Real Talk Game Review

In Omen Real Talk, Kevin Smith takes us back to his past and deals with the events that happened there. Smith is known for his action movies like Friday the 13th and Inglourious Basterds, so it is no surprise that he decided to make an action-packed Omen video game. Omen RTA is the follow up to his hit video game debut, The Mask. It’s now called, Omen: The Eternity Tower. I’ve always liked Kevin Smith and this game is no exception.

Outlawz: The Real Deal is a better and more intense version of the classic arcade game. Playing as either Charlie Fargo or Johnny Gatlin, you’ll have your work cut out for you in this challenging yet fun video game. While playing as either of the two main characters, you’ll run into some pretty insane situations and the screen will constantly reforge itself. At the end of the level, there is a time cut where you get a glimpse at the endings. They are bloody, gruesome and very different from one another. In overall, this is one of the best video games you can get your hands on.

One of the greatest things about Omen: The Eternity Tower is that it uses some really good animation. The backgrounds, special effects, and everything work together to create a really cool video game. The voice acting is fairly good as well. The story is told quite well and I don’t feel like it lacks any substance.

Another thing that really makes this game much better than its predecessors is that the story is presented in a non-linear manner. You have the freedom to do what you want while playing the game. It’s a much better game in my opinion.

In terms of the actual playability of the game, I believe Omen Real Talk to be better than all of the other Grand Theft Auto games. There is just more to do. I love all the little extras that Omen gives you. The whole “story” of the game is pretty amazing too. The game just has more realism than all the other games.

Overall I give The Omen Real Talk: The Eternity Tower a high rating. It is definitely worth your money. This is easily one of the better games out right now for the Xbox 360. If you have never heard of it, I highly recommend it.