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The Offenders – Marin City, CA is home to many local punk scenes, including the Offenders, where the “Offenders” have taken their music and lyrics to even greater heights. Their latest album, titled “Off My Pain,” will be out on June 24th and we expect to hear more from the band this year. Recently the Offenders released an epistle called “Dirty Faces,” which is well worth a listen to even if you aren’t into the punk/rock genre.

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For those of you who live in or around Marin County, it has been noted that the Offenders have been playing shows at various venues for quite some time, and in fact, they have had quite the diverse musical career thus far. One of their main members is quincy jones, also known as R.J. Fox. Fox plays electric guitar and sings, while guitarist tom ferriter plays rhythm guitar and singes.

The Offenders first started out as a garage band, but in no time their popularity blossomed when they started playing in clubs. They have gone through several lineup changes, but still are very popular. One of their biggest fans is actor Eric Bogoslawski, who played a lot of different characters in the “The Godfather” and “Network.” He is also a fan of the band and said that they were the most intelligent and talented band he has ever seen.

The Offenders are not just a rock band, although they do have some good rock songs. “Off My Pain” contains one of their best songs to date, “Reinvented,” and it is sure to be a favorite of many fans. It’s an interesting track, because it depicts the band members at their most un-famous state of mind. While they are all together enjoying a night of drinking and smoking, their dialogue is lighthearted and witty. It’s one of their more relaxed songs, but still manages to get the point across in a musical way.

Another great song from the band is “Bodhisattva,” which takes place on the band’s second album, The Funeral Hymnals. The song is about an orphaned Buddhist girl who witnesses the death of her mother and then vows to dedicate her life to the Lord. The lead singer goes on to say that she wants to work for the poor and give up everything so that she can enjoy a life with no worries. The Offenders also have a song called “Reinvented” on their second album where they talk about how the band went through several lineup changes, but still managed to keep the same sound.

Although the band has been around since the early seventies, they never really went away. They always made music that was relevant and politically conscious, as well as personal. There are plenty of great songs that you can hear on the original Offenders CD. If you are looking for a group that makes intelligent statements, and has a good sense of humor, then this is definitely one band that you would definitely want to check out.