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The Outlaws was an American urban hip-hop group based primarily in New York City during the early 1990s. The name was based on a poem by poet Maya Angelou, which was later used by the group in their songs. The Outlawz was primarily an urban hip-hop group based in the Bronx. They were well known for their association to rapper Tupac Shakur.

members of outlawz

The Outlaws enjoyed a legendary reputation throughout their history. However, in 1994, after Shakur was shot and killed by someone claiming to be a member of the gang, there were threats against retaliation attacks against the members of the Outlaws. The threat came just as a New York City police department announced that they would be increasing their patrols of the Bronx and surrounding areas. The increased police presence caused more tensions between the people of the regions.

The tensions escalated into a major riot when a number of police officers were injured during a raid which involved the raiding of a suspected illegal gun-dealing ring. This caused a further increase in membership numbers. The number of members immediately following the shooting of Tupac Shakur is difficult to determine. It is estimated, however, that the Outlaws quickly became a very powerful force in the city. It is also likely that the fact that Shakur was murdered caused a level of fear among his own members.

The group’s leader, a man named Kimbo Slice, made sure that the tensions in the area were taken care of in the most brutal way. He publicly announced that if the police of New York did not “come out and play” they would “put on war mode”. It is clear from the beginning that slicing and the other members of the Outlaws had visions of taking revenge against the officers of the New York Police Department. When a gang member was arrested and questioned by the police about the shooting of Tupac, it was said that the Outlaws planned to go to the trial and have the member testify against the rap star. This, they were planning to do since they believed the shoot-out was actually planned by Pac.

Slice was one of the most well-known members of the Outlaws and is well-known for his aggressive attitude towards police and others who are perceived to be corrupt. Many of his fellow members have said that he goes around threatening businesses and employees of certain people that he believes are stealing money or trying to take advantage of people that have hardworking or honest jobs. There are many reports from former members of the Outlaws stating that Slice is not a softie but is rather a hard-nosed individual who want what is rightfully theirs.

There is no doubt that this man had a major impact on rap music and brought some attention to the gang life in the early part of the decade. However, it should be noted that many of his closest associates have turned out to be hardened criminals and are now being sought after as fugitives by the authorities. One can only speculate on the reasons why Kimbo Slice ended up in prison, but many believe that it was more of an attempt by his associates to get even with Kimbo the rapper/actor for some minor perceived wrongdoings.