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Two Pac and OJ Simpson were in the midst of a controversial case regarding the validity of their hit album “The Slim Shady EP”. During this time, OJ was being sued by a New York City nightclub for leaving the club after they had been fired on numerous occasions. OJ was sued for breach of contract, wrongful termination and his use of illegal performance royalties. It was at this point that Two Pac and OJ released their own album entitled, “The Only Way Is Up.”

2pac and outlawz album

The Only Way Is Up was the first album that was produced after the lawsuits involving OJ and Two Pac. It featured guest spots from Snoop Dogg, J.G. rap, Rakim and more. Two Pac and OJ were able to continue working without the legal spotlight while putting out quality music to accompany the guest spots.

In addition to the limited appearance of guest appearances, the only way to obtain a copy of the album was via purchasing the album cover, which is available in two versions. Limited editions featured a unique album cover with special art on each side. The normal edition just featured the album cover as is. The second printing of the album covers featured a completely different style than the limited edition. This second printing featured a different colored vinyl and contained a different type of ink that appeared to be blood.

Another interesting feature of the album was the list of the songs featured on each of the two discs. On the front of the disc, you could see two lists of the songs: One included the names of the producers who contributed to the songs, and the other contained a short song listing explaining the song. Other information such as the song title, artist and duration was also printed on the label. The actual words on the album cover were changed to say, “These Are The Only Way That You Will Get To The Top.”

The 2 Pac and Iggy Azalea CD boxed set follows the same format as the normal release of the album covers. It includes two CDs featuring the front and back of the album with two additional bonus DVD’s. One of the bonus DVD includes video footage from the movie and is twenty-two minutes long. It showed the band performing at the Los Angeles memorial for Tupac Shakur. The other bonus DVD includes a thirty-minute interview with Iggy and Pac. There are two versions of the interview, one including Iggy and Pac discussing their careers and one where they are just talking.

One thing that is very unique about this album is the fact that it is available only in limited quantities. A total of one hundred and fifty copies were produced with the regular release being only eighty-two copies. The limited numbers were sold at prices much higher than regular album covers. Two Pac and Iggy Azalea albums have never been re-issue and their popularity continues to this day.