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The Outlaws of the Unknown are back again and this time they want to get some revenge on the two bikers that just ran them over. In the first game the group was made up of a group of bikers who wanted to take revenge on a local bully. The second game saw a bunch of bikers from two different sides trying to take down a drug lord. Each one of these groups had unique bikes and each of them had special abilities that the game attempted to emulate. Here is how The Outsiders of the Outlaws of the Unknown are formed and how they end up taking down the evil drug lord.

the outlawz 2pac

This game starts off with a shoot out at an old church. Two boys are walking down the street when they get attacked by two men in the uniform of the church guards. They quickly run to safety but not before one of the boys is stabbed in the leg. Luckily another of the boys pushes the guy who got stabbed and takes off his shirt so the ambulance can find the wound.

After finding the guys both wounded they return to the bar and start messing with the other bikers. One of the guys tries to stab a woman and she manages to get away from the attack. One of the boys manages to shoot her through the head and she falls to the floor unconscious. She then calls her sister and the police show up and arrest them. The Outlaws then turn their attention towards the church grounds where the drugs were being distributed. An argument ensues between the two sides where the Outlaws try to persuade the woman not to talk to the authorities.

Things get heated between the two men and the woman threatens to tell the authorities about the illegal drugs. However, the Outlaws are prepared for this and surround the woman and threaten her husband that they will kill him if she does. She then tells them where the drugs are and they return there and begin to fight her husband. When the cops arrive the two gangs fight them as well.

Eventually the two teams of the cops and the Outlaws end up in the church parking lot fighting. A big gun battle breaks out and the cops get overwhelmed by the Outlaws. The game ends with the gangsters taking over the church. The cops eventually get away while the escape.

In my opinion this is one of the hardest games on the Pac-Man website to play. It really requires some patience and skill to win. I recommend this to those people who don’t like playing too many rounds of the same game as it gets old after a while. Enjoy the classic arcade action with this great sequel of the classic arcade game!