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When dealing with disputes which involve family law, many individuals have the mistaken idea that you may engage a family law attorney if you will undergo mediation and vice versa.  It's simply not correct.  

The simple fact is, when resolving conflicts and protecting your interests in a family law dispute, mediation is only one tool out of many. If you want to know more about the best family lawyers in Sydney, then search the browser.

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As engaging, an attorney to advise you does not dissuade you from entering into mediation to avoid court, entering into mediation does not mean that you should not hire an attorney to advise you. In a huge selection of important ways, a family law attorney can help you with preparing for mediation.


With any legal proceedings or dispute, discovery is among the most significant aspects. The discovery process includes the collection and collation of data pertinent to this dispute, and the information collected can have a critical impact on the outcome. 

A clear and up-to-date understanding of every facet of the issues you'll be picking is crucial if one party enters into mediation with another party. 

A family law attorney won't just have the resources to collect this information, including subpoena powers if they're necessary, but also the expertise to collate and present it to you, to the opposing party as well as the mediator in a clear and easily understood manner. 

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A divorce is a complex situation with lots of moving parts' which will have a considerable effect on the lives of all involved. A family law attorney will have the essential information on hand to complete a child support obligation worksheet (if needed ) or a marital estate worksheet.