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outlawz smoked tupac

Run The Jewels – Smoked By Tupac

When you’re looking for the latest piece of apparel from the Run The roster, look no further than Outlawz Smoked Tupac. It is made in the same way as all of the other Run The Jewels t-shirts that you are sure to have seen before; but instead of printing Run The Jewels, the print is printed with Tupac. This is a unique addition to the brand’s clothing line.

Tupac was an iconic figure in hip hop who died in 1996. His contributions to the genre are countless and will remain so even if he were still alive today.

Although a famous rapper, Tupac also had a rather bad reputation in the mainstream media. People usually associate him with violence and his harsh words towards those who crossed him. When the designer decided to put Tupac’s name on the front of the t-shirt, people naturally think about how great he would be with a cigarette in his mouth.

People have already picked up on the fact that this t-shirt isn’t a regular ordinary tee that you would find anywhere. Everyone from the most famous rappers to people who are not particularly famous at all can relate to the words, “Smoked By Tupac”. The design has taken on a life of its own and is making waves in the fashion industry.

Many people buy this t-shirt because it makes them feel like they are being heard. They are saying “I have a voice too, and it’s loud and clear! “.

Well said. This shirt is also a bold statement when worn by someone that is trying to make a splash on the world stage. In short, it is a huge statement on behalf of Run The Jewels and theirfounder Killer Mike.

If you’re interested in one of these shirts, be sure to visit the official online store and see if they have any of the Outlawz Smoked T-Shirts that you are interested in. While you’re there, be sure to check out other items they may have for sale such as hoodies, clothing, and sports gear.

As you can see, there is a lot to choose from and you can get a shirt or two while you’re at it. You will never be disappointed in your purchase.