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A windshield is the protective armor of your vehicle. It can be any type of car, truck, or another utility vehicle. Due to its nature of use, there would be wear and tear. The layers of the glass tend to wear-off with time. It is negligible, and therefore often goes unnoticed. If it is not used properly The glass tends to develop cracks.

The extent of a crack or damage must be assessed by glass technicians. After this assessment, the remedial call for repair or replacement is taken. If you want to get more information about car repair services in Burbank then, search the browser.

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Types Of Damages

Damages are caused by n number of reasons. It can be a man-made or a natural cause. A kid playing catch could have missed the ball leading to the crack. A small hailstone can even cause immense damage. 

The reason is that it is falling from a great height. Pulled by earth's gravity, it accelerates, gaining momentum. The impact is fatal for the windshield as it causes greater damage than a ball, to the extent of shattering the windscreen, which would call for replacement of the windshield for sure.

There can be several types of cracks. However, we would focus on the ones which are seen most often. They are:-

  • Target or concentric circled shaped
  • Spider shaped
  • Half circle shaped
  • Penetrative cracks
  • Mixed cracks

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