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Advertising opportunities are immense. On the other hand, most new businesses have a limited advertising budget. The trick is to choose an advertising tool that will let your customers know that you are ready to do business without consuming your advertising budget. 

This is where business gifts come into play. Business gifts such as pens, mugs and other items are a great way to enter the local market. Digitized logos are the best place if you are looking for quality business giveaways.

business giveaway

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Here are few reasons why:

1) Giveaways can be very cheap. Gifts like the promotional pens mentioned above literally cost a few cents per unit. Later, as your business (and advertising budget) grows, you can invest in high-quality business gifts or special promotions. Gifts like golf balls, jewelry, electronics, etc.

2) Business gifts are mobile and portable. Unlike billboards that stay in one place, free stuff goes with you and your customers. It's easy to pack a shipment of promotional pens or glasses and take them to trade shows and other promotional events. Once you hand it over to your customers, they will travel with them to homes and workplaces to further penetrate your potential market.

3) Business gifts are a form of direct advertising. There are no assumptions about the distribution of prizes. As a business owner, you know exactly who saw your ad. When you hand a business gift into the hands of a customer, you can be sure that your company is registered in their mind. These cannot be overlooked such as bank ads or pay-per-click ads.