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Free custom calendars are single page calendar designs that use your choice of digital photos and titles to completely customize to your requirements. 

You can use a photo of any person, place, or item to create a free photo calendar for yourself, your family, or your last vacation. For more information about digital calendar visit

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You can create many different designs and send them to friends and family so that they can print them as well.

Adding A Favourite Photo To The Calendar Design

The biggest feature of free photo calendars, along with the fact that they don't cost you anything, is that they allow you to customize your design using one of your favorite digital photos.

Digital photos offer excellent quality when printed and this confirms a larger looking photo calendar whether you choose free custom calendars or professionally designed and printed ones.

Professional Custom Calendars

A professional custom calendar is similar to a free one in some respects, except that it is of better quality and can be a lot more personalized than a free custom calendar. Instead of being limited to choosing one photo, you can have 13 favorite digital photos printed on one calendar. 

Adding A Selection Of Photos

The fact that a professional custom calendar has 13 pages means that you have 13 opportunities to personalize the calendar. Choose a photo for the front cover and include a cover title. Choose digital photos for each of the monthly pages and then write captions for each of these pages.