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Do you have too many passwords? You should write down your password? On the side is not there, if someone got hold of your password, then all the security will quickly fade. I used to keep a website account and password in a three-page document in Microsoft Word.

Password management is a major issue. I've heard of companies that measure the time spent helping employees recover from lost/forgotten passwords.

I use a free product that safely stores web sites, usernames, and passwords both locally and on the publisher server. This information is then available on some computers. After entering all of your websites, username, and password, the software remembers them for you. You can create a strong password to keep your passwords safe.

All you need is a master password to unlock the software. The publisher said the master password is the last password you have to remember.

You create your account with this service and then install the toolbar. This works in both Firefox and Internet Explorer. When you log in to a website, the Toolbar asks whether you want to save your login information.

It will capture the URL (web page address), the site name, user name, and password. The service also lets you assign it to the web sites of different groups and enter notes. This shows how strong your password is by expanding the green progress bar below the Password field.

This service also generates a password. If you go to a new web site and create an account, the Toolbar will feel you create an account and asks if you want to create a password. You can receive his automatically generated password, asks another, or simply type your own. I do not know my Twitter password. This is one of my birthdays last year with Toolbar and then stored online.