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Outlawz Napoleon Review

The story of Outlawz Napoleon, an urban comedy about rap superstars fighting for control of the streets in the United States is about as entertaining as it sounds. Mutah Wassin Shabazz Muhammad Beale is a former member of the hip hop group Tupac’s original rap group, Outlawz.

Beale converted to Islam after his time in Outlawz was over. He is now an imam and motivational speaker in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s not surprising to learn that this guy is an ex-gang member who is currently trying to make his fortune in the music industry.

Outlawz Napoleon was created by Samir Khan and produced by DJ Dahi, a rapper that can also be found in rap groups such as Soulja Boy and Rich the Kid. The film follows the story of Beale trying to run the streets and try and gain power in the streets.

Despite the fact that it’s all very well made, the storyline is too simple for some viewers. Many people who haven’t read the book don’t get a good idea of how it’s written, but I can understand that. As far as a plot is concerned, Outlawz Napoleon is very well told.

The main plot of Outlawz Napoleon centers on Beale and his struggle to take over the streets. Throughout the movie he constantly uses the F word to try and intimidate people into helping him. This is not the case, however, which is why I didn’t like this movie at all. Beale is simply using people against one another, without giving any real consideration as to why they would do so.

Outlawz Napoleon is a little more than an average hip hop film, but does have enough going for it to keep your attention. Some people may not appreciate the plot or storyline, but they will definitely enjoy the acting from Samir Khan and Dahi. The actors are great in their roles and there is no way Outlawz Napoleon will fail to be successful in its own right. For sure, Outlawz Napoleon is one of the funnier movies of the year.

The plot of Outlawz Napoleon is a little more than what is depicted in the film itself. That being said, the movie does provide enough entertainment for those who are interested in how it’s written. However, if you are looking for a real-life depiction of rap, this movie is definitely not for you. It’s not even a great depiction of how gang life really works. I’m not saying that rap is bad, but I think this movie was just trying to make a quick buck off of something that isn’t that is already out there.

Outlawz Napoleon is worth seeing for those that want to see a story about the gangs and all that goes on in a predominantly black urban area. If you are interested in rap and want to see a story about some real people, you should probably look elsewhere. This movie will disappoint.

Overall, Outlawz Napoleon is a definite must see movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend you watch it.