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The outlaws of the Iyo region of Brazil have been making a splash on the international scene with their extreme biker culture. These tough guys wear tattoos and scars like they are taking part in the most intense biker wars anywhere in the world. Recently, they made their presence known in the major city of S Paulo, Brazil; where they put up a poster declaring that they will not leave S Paulo until they have reached the “end of the world.” The prospect of an all out battle between the punks and the soldiers is fascinating to watch. A lot of fans from both sides are looking forward to this.

outlawz gang

Two groups from the Iyo region have joined forces, joining forces with the Bandai Corporation to form a club known as the “Bandai riders of the Ozama Coast.” The two organizations have very distinct characteristics, one is the “Bandai Lagu” which means “The Losers of the Ozama Coast.” This name is a reference to the fact that the outlaws originally came from the Ozama Gulf, and now they have consolidated their forces there. They are also planning for a massive assault on the town of Vitoria-Gasteiz. One of their symbols is the “Bandai Markii Lagu,” which is a reference to their first meeting in Brazil.

The “Kale Ee Lagu” means “The Red-Handed Soldiers of God’s Army.” The members of the Bandai crew wear red berets and are said to be hardened veterans of the battlefield. They are said to be ex-soldiers of the Peruvian People’s War during the 1950’s who were forced into exile when the communist government was abolished. Their emblem is the green flag with a red five pointed star. The colors for the tattoo that they wear are green and red, with black as their primary weapon.

As the Bandai crew prepares for the robbery of the Karmel Mall in Las Vegas, tensions build between them and the authorities as the rival gangs prepare for battle in the hopes of taking over the casino. It is then that one of their members, nicknamed “The Reaper” gets shot in the leg. He then joins “The Pack” a local street gang that consists of several disfigured bodies and includes the aforementioned waxee la and ah ee lagu.

The Bandai crew then captures AH ee lagu while they are checking into the hotel, using the information provided by the homeless man as cover. They bring him before Waxhaald, who threatens to reveal their operation if they do not hand over the gold. The three then exchange guns and pistols in what appears to be a gun fight. AH ee lagu manages to shoot Waxhaald in the leg, although he is saved by another robber who uses his metal detector to detect the presence of the Bandai insignia on his gun. After the robbers free the homeless man, the bandit group reveals its plans, which include targeting the new President of America, Barack Obama.

In an attempt to stop the robbery at the Karmel Mall, Obama orders his personal bodyguard to shoot the bandit in the leg, telling him that it would be done with a first-degree murder. A police officer arrives just in time to apprehend Waxhaald, while the president is taking to secure hospital for surgery. Upon her release from the hospital, the president fails to remember what happened prior to the shooting, and the reason that he ordered Waxhaald to be shot in the first degree, as he is still in surgery. With the help of FBI agents, the president is able to regain control of his mind, but is too traumatized to continue leading the Bandai Gang. This results in his resignation.