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Mafia Wars and Mafia Offspring are not the same game. Although both are online games that can be downloaded, they have different set of rules and game modes. As for Mafia Wars, you are to do the jobs and do them alone while in Mafia Offspring, there are other players around you that you have to get jobs done with. You have to perform better and increase your points until eventually, you will become the highest ranking player. And when you become the highest ranked player, you will gain access to all the areas and gadgets available in the map.

The story line in both games is set in New York City. The game mechanics are almost the same but there are some differences as well. In Mafia Wars, there is a quest system where you will go to specific areas within the game and do quests based on certain criteria. For example, you can do a quest only if you are male and you have a high social level. If you don’t meet the criteria, then a message will be sent to you letting you know that you cannot proceed with that particular quest.

But in Mafia Offspring, you have more freedom when it comes to the kind of quests that you will choose to do. There is an unlimited amount of different quests that you can do. It could range from simple jobs like getting a new outfit, to bigger quests such as capturing a specific location or winning a fight. These larger quests will take longer to complete but they will provide higher rewards and you will have a sense of accomplishment after you have completed them. And for bigger jobs, you will get cash, rare items, rare weapons and other such benefits.

Another difference between the two games is the color of your clothes. In Mafia Wars, your clothes will always be white. In Mafia Offspring, you can change your clothing colors. However, it won’t always be easy to obtain the needed materials for the clothes change. You will also notice that once you have changed into a different color, the color of your clothes will sometimes disappear.

This is a design feature that has been added by Zynga to make the game more interesting. There are many people who think that Mafia Wars and Mafia Infinte will be same but the truth is that the two games have lots of different differences that will bring life into the game. For example, Mafia Wars has players competing to get the most powerful weapons so they can level up quickly. If you are the fastest player in your mafia, you can get some rare materials which you can sell to other players.

But there is also one thing that differentiate both games: the rare items that you can get once you become the strongest member of your mafia. Each mafia member has a special chance to get one of those rare items once per week. And this week, only one player gets it, so you better get ready to collect all the information you can get your hands on about these items and be one of the top players in your mafia. This is what will keep you busy for many days. So keep this in mind, because this will be the only way to make sure that you will be able to defeat the enemy and win the game.