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An immigrant or "lawful permanent residents" are foreigners who have been granted the privilege of permanently living and working in the United States. If you already have a close relative who is a lawful permanent resident living in the country could be easier to enter the US.

However, it may involve a lot of paperwork to do and experience shows that it is always better to consult an immigration specialist on this issue, because we’re on our own we may be missing some important formalities. You can check out for acquiring more knowledge about immigration services.

There are many providers of online and offline immigration paralegal services that we can approach and get help to get the job done efficiently. These service providers are expert in a wide range of immigration services such as:

Green card

Citizenship / Naturalization

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Work permit

Fiance / fiancee Visa


Translation services

Visa Permit / Re-entry


Affidavit of support

There are many types of work visas for those who seek to enter the United States. These include visas for investors, holders of higher degrees, and people with extraordinary abilities, lecturers, researchers, skilled workers and religious workers.   

Nonimmigrant visa is a fast method to enter the US as the process takes only a few months. Nonimmigrant visa where employers sponsor for immigrant H-1B, H-2, H-3, J-1, L-1, L-2, O, P, including visa agreements.