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Kill the King – A Review of Kill the King

With the release of his upcoming film Kill the King, it seems as if the story of an African American war hero from the streets of Detroit and a young woman’s quest to escape the streets of poverty are going to collide with a deadly force in the form of a vicious tribal clan called the Kadafi Outlaws. If you were looking for a film that combines black and white action with some real black cultural influences then this is a great choice. But if you’re not into action or war movies then this might not be the right one for you.

The movie itself centers on a young woman named Kayla Simmons (Dylan Minnette) who has just arrived in Detroit and decides to live off the streets because she wants to find her missing father. While she’s searching she meets a man on the streets known as “The General” who tries to help her out of her predicament and the two become fast friends.

Soon however Kayla’s new found friendship with the infamous Kadafi Outlawz Death Squad is put to the test when the women find themselves on the wrong side of a vicious tribal warlord known as “Nigeria’s Number One Villain.” After learning that her new friend plans to take away her chance at freedom in Detroit, the women must learn to trust and respect one another or they will both die a horrible death.

For anyone unfamiliar with the history of the KADFAI OUTLAWZ, it is an organization that rose to notoriety during the civil rights movement. The KADFAI was created by members of the Nation of Islam after civil rights activist Stokely Carmichael founded the Black Panthers. In fact, Carmichael himself was once part of the KADFAI.

Although many have described KADFAI’s philosophy as that of the Black Panthers, the organization has also been accused of being more radical in their beliefs than the Panthers ever were. Although they have been accused of being violent at some points, this hasn’t stopped the organization from being embraced by many black Americans, especially those who believe in racial equality and justice.

The only thing keeping this movie from being a huge success is that it is a bit too black-and-white for most people. Even if you have an understanding of black culture and its history, it is likely that you would have to be pretty in tune with your own mind and spirit to follow the story. Other than that, the story itself is one you will never forget.