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OST guitarist Johnnyazard plays his role with a fury and uncommon style in the band named “Infinite Lineup”. The theme of the band is based on death, identity, the secret world we live in and the end of days. The band has gained popularity as fans have started trusting the songs, and their performances, and believe that there is some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. The band is not just about the music; it’s also about the life that these people lead.

outlawz immortal

The album cover represents an eye-catching image. The front covers features two men sitting in front of a fireplace. A third man stands at the side looking in. The album cover is a symbolic representation of the journey one takes to achieve one’s dream. The album name is taken from the words, ‘Inner circle’.

There are many underground death metal bands that come and go. The closest thing to an original band that comes to mind is Testament. However, the closest resemblance to an original band is this outfit, Invisibile. The main concept of Invisibile is the idea of identity theft. Identity thieves steal someone else’s identity and use it to their advantage and they will do everything in their power to stop this theft. As the name suggests, Invisibile hide your identity but make yourself known at the same time.

This all started when one of the members of Invisibile took on the persona of a pizza delivery boy. He wore all black and wore a mask and tie. Everyone that saw him would always ask how old he was. He never took it as a challenge, but instead, used it as a way to start something different. The concept of this was later taken on by this band, who also take a lot of influence from the pizza guy gimmick. They called themselves Invisibile, after seeing a movie called Shutter Island.

The inspiration for the album came from the fact that Johnny Hazard was working for Burger King and he decided to get a hair tattoo to look like his favorite cartoon character. So what did he do? He got an Invisibile style headband, which you can see pictures of on their website, and then he dyed his hair purple and put some fake eye make up on top. These things are what Invisibile stands for today.

Their music is truly unique. It comes from their deep musical roots that has been in place since their inception. However, their sound really doesn’t have a distinct sound any more, except for one song on their last album called Revered. Other than that song, their music has been mostly steady and mellow. There isn’t a lot of metal on their music because their main genre is death metal, but the guitar solos on their albums are some of the best that you’ll hear on the genre.