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Interscope/ Immortalz Album Preview

The instrumental hip hop recording label, Pacemaker Records, is responsible for the worldwide success of Pacemaker and Outlawz. The group that brought hip hop another great beat and made independent music history has now released a full length album called Just Another Day. The album was co produced by producers boom-bap producer Don Gilmore and rhyming legend Ice Cube. The album was recorded at Can-Am Recording studio in Calabasas, California during spring 1996. Outlawz featured rappers such as Big Daddy Kane, Lil Kim and Scarface. The album’s instrumental single ‘iggern’t sleep’ produced by veteran hip hop producer Kanye West was used as the lead single from the Just Another Day album.

Outlawz released their second album Just Another Day earlier this year called Just Another Man. The album was produced by the same crew that produced the first Outlawz album, Don Gilmore. The album took hip hop fans back to another era of rap with hard hitting instrumentals and a heavy drum sound. It was produced by the well-known producer Kanye West.

A fan favorite of the outlaws, the song’Holmes vs. Machine Gun’ contains a lengthy lyrical barrage against machine guns. The song seems to be about the dilemma between Holmes and Machine Gun. It also touches on the possible battles between Holmes and rapper Tupac Shakur. The song previewed the reprise of’Holmes Vs. Machine Gun’ which is expected to be one of the biggest hits this year.

Outlaws of the East Coast reunion tour will see the return of the hard hitting line up of Outlaws. On this reunion tour, Mac Miller and Curren contingency will be enlisted along with new rappers Dot Da Genius and Styles, who have not made an appearance on any of their previous albums. The album was recorded by The Alchemist with assists from Eminem, and was produced by The Neptunes. The band’s eighth studio album promises to be even more packed full of energy, as they tour across the United States. Their last album ‘Love Like Crazy’ was a masterpiece, and the new album promises to carry the same level of quality.

This album will feature an extensive amount of guest spots by other famous rappers such as Eminem, Rihanna, Elton John and Rakim. During the preview of this album some songs were played that have yet to be played at live concerts such as ‘Hail Mary’, ‘Love Like Crazy’ and’Holmes Vs. Machine Gun’. If you are looking for an early release of this album, you can pre-order it online now for a minimal cost. The price range is starting at around ten dollars, and is expected to rise once the official release date comes closer.

In this New York preview of the Interscope/ Immortalz album we get to hear about the differences between this album and the previous records and what the band hopes to achieve musically. The music is expected to be very different from what fans have come to expect from the Insane/ Immortalz series. The group has said that there are going to be several guest spots on this album that are different from what fans have come to expect on an Immortalz album. There is still no official release date for Interscope/ Immortalz but the official fan club site is saying that it will be coming out sometime in the Spring of 2021.