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Born in 1980, the son of African American parents, Bruce Edward Washington, Sr., known as either Fatima Bruce, or Fatal, was a prominent hip hop artist, known for his collaboration with Tupac Shakur and his solo career. Fatima Washington was a singer/songwriter who was born in 1966 in Houston, Texas. Bruce’s mother was a gospel/blues singer and her musical influences included gospel music, rhythm and blues, and rock and roll.

Fatima’s father was a gospel/blues singer in Houston. Fatima’s first songs were made on her father’s piano, but later he had to give it to a relative, who in turn got it to a music teacher. At the time Bruce’s mother was not into music as much as she is now. As she began learning, she also had a daughter who also took up musical lessons.

While growing up in Houston, Fatima was inspired by the music of her father and by Tupac Shakur. She wrote songs about her life in the early 80’s, and when she got older, she went to college, which was at Rice University. Fatima eventually became a gospel/bluegrass/jazz singer and was very successful with her music.

In 1996, Fatima became an artiste under the name Fatal and released his debut album entitled The Last Testament of a Godfather. A year later, Fatima released his second album, entitled The Lost Son. He continued to create more albums, until he came into contact with the rapper Tupac Shakur.

Fatima was in a studio recording with Tupac when Shakur approached Fatima and asked if they would collaborate. He said that he wanted to get out the music that he was making and he needed help from someone who could help him out.

Fatima and Shakur collaborated and recorded some tracks together, and released a joint album titled The Lost Tapes in 2020. It was a great album that sold like hot cakes and made both rappers very successful in their careers.

Nowadays, Fatima Shakur is an actor and activist, but her love of music and the music industry go far past outlawz Fatalz. She plays many roles in films such as the role of a drug dealer in the movie “Precious.” She has even had her own television show on Showtime called “Deadly Women.”

Today, Fatima is a singer/songwriter and still performs. She was a guest speaker at a conference for women in business at the University of Texas in 2020. She is very popular at concerts all sorts of events and has been featured on several TV shows. She is a member of a band called The Soul Society that is made up of female musicians.

Fatima is also a great mother and a loving wife. She has been married to her husband for over 20 years and he will always be her hero. She has a daughter named Amaya and they have a son named D’Angelo.