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Backlinks can be defined as text that you link to from another website. These are usually incoming links from another website to your own and are also known as inbound links, backlinks or incoming links. Backlinks are very important in SEO and search engine ranking. Backlinks serve as votes to certain websites by search engines, which helps them reach the top rankings for specific keywords.

Before a backlink is established, there is usually some sort of interaction between the two sites. This could be either a text link or a graphical image link. You can buy backlinks relatively cheap through third party companies who buy backlinks for different reasons. Some buy backlinks to help improve your site rankings and others buy backlinks to drive relevant traffic to their sites. There are also websites that buy backlinks purely for the purpose of advertising. In the world of SEO, backlinks play a big role in determining the rankings of a site because they determine how much the search engines want to list a site.

Search engines consider backlinks when determining rankings and the importance of the site. The higher the PR of a website is, the more probable it is to rank high in the SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages. Therefore, getting backlinks from authority websites will help your site climb the ladder of the rankings.

There are many methods of getting backlinks, which include link schemes, content submission, and buying backlinks. Link scheme is the most common of these techniques because of the relatively low cost involved. You can buy backlinks in many websites that accept paid links. Many people buy backlinks from authority websites because they know that the owners of such websites have high PRs and they are more likely to provide quality backlinks than no-follow backlinks. The popularity of these websites will boost your own PR and boost your search engine rankings.

A lot of webmasters now realize that there is a huge demand for link builders and therefore they are now providing this service. When you buy backlinks, you have to take care that the sites you buy backlinks form are of good quality and popular among many people. This is because search engines are now starting to frown on link buying and the penalties for the same are severe. So, if you buy quality backlinks form reputed websites, you won’t be in for a bad deal. You can also use other techniques of link building such as article marketing, forum posting, blog commenting, press release submission, directory submission and a host of other methods.

The next step is to analyze the average cost per link or the ACV of each site. Note down every transaction or sale that you make for backlinks and the cost per sale should not be higher than $0.40. Note down the minimum and maximum ACV that you will allow when selling backlinks to any of these blogs or forums. Also note down your transaction history on these sites. If you are a newcomer, the chances are that some of the transactions might not have been done yet. Analyze your transaction history to see how successful you are and how many transactions you have made for backlinks with each of these bloggers.

Now, log into any of these blogging websites and buy backlinks from the relevant category. Most of the time, these blogging sites offer free backlinks services. Select the relevant category, fill in all relevant information and buy backlinks only there. Note down the ACV of each backlink, the site name that you used to buy backlinks, the IP address where you got the link and the URL of the website where you are making the backlinks. This information is important to help you track the progress of your campaign and buy backlinks at a faster pace.

If you find out that the ACV of the link building campaign is much higher than the cost per backlinks, you can consider selling those backlinks instead of buying them. The main difference between buying and selling backlinks is that in the second case, you are buying with the intention to use the link in your site and in the former case, you just buy the backlinks for your own use. Some of the major search engines also sell links and they use different methods like directory submission, search engine listings and paid advertising. However, the best method is to buy them from quality link builders.