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Wet basements are a scourge for many homeowners because water problems essentially make half of the space in the home unusable. The water in the basement spoils everything stored down there, mold spores that can penetrate the whole house, and smells of dampness and dirt. Check over here for four main reasons for basement humidity and two of them are foundation walls. 

1. Too much surface water can flow into walls and groundwater can be forced through the walls by hydrostatic pressure.

2. After all, the only way to clean up the mess and be able to use up space is to make the basement walls waterproof which is causing the problem. Although concrete is a great environment for pouring basement walls, it is also a porous substance. 

3. It is filled with tiny holes and cracks that can increase over time due to pouring water or pressing against the walls. At first, you may not notice a leak, but any holes and cracks can become larger openings allowing more water to enter. 

4. You will see it with the feeling of a damp room, smells, and forms that begin to appear on the surface. Before the water problem gets worse, you need to take active steps to stop it. For the most heavily leaky basements, the duct perimeter is expensive, but this is probably the best option.