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“Fatal” is an acrobatic expression for the name of an American rapper, Bruce Edward Washington Jr., better known by his stage name Hussein Fatal. He is best known for his collaborations with the late Tupac Shakur and was a member of the rap group Outlaw Immortalz. Here, he explains the meaning of the word “fatal” and how he came to be known as such.

fatal from the outlawz

Despite the fact that he was originally from Montclair, N.J., Fatal was the number one rapper in the area, having appeared on tracks like “All Eyes On Me” and “Hit Em Up.” Sadly, he was killed in a car accident last week and his death was announced on Twitter. Outlawz manager Mutah “Napoleon” Beale posted a message on the group’s Facebook page expressing his condolences.

While ‘Perfect Timing’ was marketed as Fatal’s final album, it was actually released 15 years after his death. On the album, he featured many of the artist’s supporters, including Mr. Lee, Mike Dean, and Noble. In addition to his collaboration with the Outlawz, Fatal wrote a book, “Journey of an Outlaw.” It’s unclear if the book will ever be released.

A tweet from the Outlawz’ Twitter page confirmed the rapper’s death. His friend and collaborator, Mr. Lee, has also issued a statement. Since the release of his last album, Fatal’s popularity had soared, with his new single, “Fatal,” featuring a catchy hook. The Outlawz’s Twitter page has been updated with his message of condolences.

A death notice for Fatal’s death was posted on the Outlawz’s Twitter page. The rapper, whose real name is Bruce Washington, was the first member of the group after Tupac Shakur. His death was tragic, and his memory will live on in the song’s lyrics. The song “All Bout U” was a favorite of the Outlawz. It was also the only track that Pac rhymed on.

“Fatal” was the alias of Bruce Washington, the original member of the Outlawz. He collaborated with Tupac Shakur and produced many of his songs, including “Italian Lover,” “Hit Em Up,” and “All Bout U.” However, Fatal died of an undetermined cause and died at the age of 38. The rap star had been killed by an assailant in a car accident.

Despite his death, the Outlawz confirmed his death through their social media pages. He was a major part of the recording of Tupac’s Life album, which was released by Interscope Records in 2006. The Outlawz were involved in the production of the album, and the members of G-Unit remixed it to make it fit with the ‘Pac’s style. He also had a solo career, releasing four studio albums between 1998 and 2013 and 18 mixtapes.