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They say the best things in life are free and a credit report can be the best thing for you if you plan to get a loan, buying a car or house, or even rent an apartment. 

Under the law, you are entitled to a free report once every twelve months. Your report is important because, when short, it turns into three figures that can make or break your chances for a loan, insurance, rent, etc. If you also want a credit solution for your credit card then you can take help from the experts of companies such as

You build your relationship over the years through almost every activity that involves finances as opening accounts and paying bills.

Your report contains information on how you are solvent such as your payment history of bills. As well as other information, a creditor will summarize in a three-digit number called a credit report score. 

This credit score a lender will give an idea how much of a risk you will be. This means that using the score, they can predict a precise degree how likely you are to repay a loan. A high score means that you are solvent and an average low score means you are high risk.

This score used to conceal consumers. It was only lenders and other businesses that have access to the scores because they are those who use it. 

For the developer of the score, Fair Isaac and Company (FICO) scores would only confuse consumers. FICO estimated that scores were very technical and did not have any real meaning for ordinary consumers. 

Meanwhile, there was nothing to tell consumers that credit ratings for or what lenders need to. It was not until 2001 that these scores have become available to consumers due to pressure from the US Congress and industry and consumer groups.