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There are different styles of men's underwear available on the current market, boxer shorts & trunks, briefs, every one of which has its advantages and pitfalls. So let us look at each one in turn:

Boxer Shorts and Trunks: Boxer shorts today appear to be the preserve of yesterday's yuppie creation and have been pushed to one side to get a more discerning man who appears for its practical and functional facets that boxer shorts lacked, especially concerning support redesigned like no other .

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Rather, guys today appear to favor the fitted  trunk, using specialized fibers and additional ball control that satisfies the requirements of the outwardly looking active man. There appear to be three standard styles of fitted men's trunks; the timeless back, hipster, and midi. These vary based on where they sit on the hip or waist as well as the leg span.

Men's Briefs: Briefs now appear to be among the very most well-known styles of men's underwear and fall way behind in the league table to trunks. But they continue to be offered in many different styles, which fluctuate following their cut. 

Among the chief reasons which briefs appear to be popular is a result of the simple fact they don't always sit in position in the back and may cause an undesirable wedgie'. But they still offer you a more minimalist look that trunks and at precisely the same time provide great control and support, but lack the lineup free appearance.