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Everyone is not blessed with a perfect set of teeth. Some have fewer defects in the appearance of the tooth. With the advancement of science and technology, one does not have to worry about imperfections like again.

Cosmetic dentistry is the dental art that enhances the appearance and function of a person's teeth. This is a way to enhance the aesthetics of a person's teeth. You can also search online for general & cosmetic dentistry in Bend, OR.

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Generally, cosmetic dentistry combines the following treatment options:

1. Tooth whitening – It is the process of teeth whitening with a thorough process of stain removal/discoloration. It is one of the most popular dental treatment options that people choose today. There are two types of tooth whitening procedures – whitening non-vital and important.

2. Enamel contouring – This is the process of treating chipped, cracked or overlapping teeth. Contouring can solve many subtle imperfections in just one session. It can replace the use of braces to a considerable extent.

3. Veneers – Veneers are specially made gear tooth-colored materials used to cover the front of your teeth and thus improve the appearance of your smile. These shells are responsible for improving your teeth' façade by changing the shape, size, length, and color of your teeth.

4. Gum lift – It is a dental procedure sculpting the gum line that is not perfect. It involves reshaping of the underlying tissue or bone to give a better appearance.