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If you are thinking of selling tickets for your events online, now there are many different options that you can consider. This article summarizes the various options so that you can make more informed decisions about which system is best suited for you.

Ticket Manager gives you everything you need to manage, allocate, and analyze your tickets and events. Box office software for ticketing can basically be classified into four different groups.

Ticket Software Systems

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PC based (offline) software

Stand-alone software that is installed on an organization's computer and is specifically maintained and operated by that organization. No online booking capability is provided. All bookings must be input manually by an administrator and tickets issued and printed by the administrator.

PC based software with online ticket selling capabilities

Stand-alone box office software that is installed on the organization's computer and provides the ability to enable patrons to book tickets online. The administrator will also be able to process the booking through the online interface.

Online Internet hosted system

A booking system is hosted by a box office ticketing company where the organization pays a per ticket fee on each ticket sold. The database is maintained by the hosting company, but the venue operator normally has full and complete access to the database.

Online Internet hosted ticket selling services

A relatively new option where the event operator sets all the details of their event on a web page designated by the hosting company and establishes a link to their own web sites at this particular URL.