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Bulk insulation is a popular type of insulation that comes in 2 forms or types called glass wool batts and cellulose fibre. Let’s check out brief information on these 2 types.

  1. Cellulose Fibre – Cellulose fibre has a similar appearance such as shredded paper which can be pumped into the ceiling of a house by a professional. The pumping of this fibre depends on the R-Value. But this type of insulation is known to have its flaws since its effects start to suffer over time. In fact, some houses are known to have caught with fire by getting this insulation installed.
  2. Glasswool Batts – The glasswool batts has another known as Fiberglass battsor. This type of insulation is manufactured with the help of melted glass. After this, it is then transferred on a fibre related mat. The R-Value of glasswool batts depends on batt choice where the glass can be cut thanks to being flexible in nature. However, it is important to wear PPE such as gloves, mask, long-sleeved shirt during the manufacturing process as a safety. Glasswool batts are known to install on the roof of the structure which basically acts as a barrier against any form of moisture. Consideration of batt type is crucial during the time of insulation is important especially in gap areas. This is due to the fact that it usually acts well where there are little to no gaps. However, it is also important to consider on using this type of insulation since dust and fibres cannot be released causing problems to our health.

Bulk insulation in Canberra and other parts of Australia is considered to be a popular choice.