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Many women think that only an eye for style, compliments on their own style or love of fashion will help them to become image consultant, but you need much more than this because it would be unrealistic to ask anyone to pay you for your 'expertise' when you know as much as any other woman who shops on the high-street and reading fashion magazines.

Many women already understand how to dress and know about the latest trends from the catwalk to look out for, and some even very good at helping their friends and families choose a new outfit – these people all competitors must be good. You can hire top 149 fashion stylist in New York via

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 But to take your styling skills to the next level, it is important to attend courses or training sessions, as this will not only teach image consulting skills you need to work, but also will train you how to run a successful business personal styling.

Once you have your training you can begin to start trading in their own business by offering your services for a small fee or for free in order to build a reputation for yourself. But if you are confident enough after a training course, you will hopefully be ready to start charging for consulting services.