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one nation entertainment

African One Nation Entertainment

One Nation Entertainment is an entertainment production company based in Accra, Ghana with offices in New York and London. It’s an innovative multimedia production company that specializes in artiste recruitment, production management and artist relationship development. On our client list are the likes of Paa Kwese, Efaya, The Contraband Live Crew, Tapfuma, Eefa and Jojo.

Producing award winning audio and visual entertainment for clients across Africa and Asia, One Nation remains at the cutting edge of the industry. It is also pioneering Africa-wide internet marketing to expand its influence further. They specialize in Multimedia Marketing (MML) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). They also offer online consulting for both new and existing clients to ensure that they are successfully using the resources available to them for business growth.

One Nation also produce short films and TV series to popularize its artists worldwide. Airing in over 150 countries worldwide, this multi-platform production is designed to deliver great value and insight into Africa. In Africa, One Nation’s work is most notable in Nigerians and Tanzanis communities. The focus on community development and social change has been a focus since Day 1 of their involvement in the industry.

For the Tanzanis, the focus is on empowering women. They wish to build economic opportunities that will provide daily necessities like food and housing. As part of the One Nation approach, this is achieved by having trained organizers that address the issues of everyday life such as child care, financial matters, marriage and divorce, childcare etc. These women are empowered through the One Nation approach.

For the Ghanaians, the One Nation approach brings together local artisans and traders who can benefit mutually from trade relationships. This is made possible with the One Nation Art program. Through this program, aspiring Ghanaian artisans learn to market themselves in the marketplace, develop their careers, and increase their income. The One Nation Art program nurtures the relationship between artisans and their buyers. It also empowers women through education and training. Artisans earn income through selling artwork to tourists, participating in various art competitions, and receiving commercial contracts.

African production companies use local and traditional film and television production and distribution resources to create successful One Nation productions. The movies and television shows are then marketed and sold across the world. While some production companies have ventured into producing digital video content, this is not the focus of this production company. This focus on digital video production allows us to reach the global audience while gaining global recognition.