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Acne is one of the common problems people face. Starting from teenage, acne has no age limit. Nobody likes acne as it makes your face look ugly. Moreover it is painful and leaves various dark spots in the skin. To any such problem and to find the cure you can visit Coastal Family Medicine. Visit website and know more about their services. 

Here are the top causes of Acne:

– Our diet is the primary cause of acne. Not taking a proper diet can result in the production of excess serum that can cause acne.

– Stress can result in acne. Stress stimulates the oil glands to produce more serum and cause skin acne.

– Vitamins A,B,C and E are known for good skin. The deficiency of these vitamins can cause acne.

– Oily Hair or makeup products are other causes of acne as it produces oil in our skin resulting in this problem. Avoid using such products.

– Pollution: Pollution containing dust and various particles that can cause acne infection.

Acne can be caused if you have any other skin infections as well. Protecting yourself from anything that can produce oil on your skin is very important. Use products or remedies that can lower the oil on your skin and make it acne free.