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In Fatal From Outlawz: The Adventures of an Informant, players take on the roll of a professional, ambitious and determined young woman who becomes a wanted fugitive after her husband is brutally murdered. There is more to this story than meets the eye as you find yourself caught into the middle of an intricate plot that involves multiple identities and dangerous secret agents that have been placed against you to do your bidding. If you are the type who likes to keep your game under wraps and be a master at deception and cover-ups, then this is the game for you. Otherwise, you may find yourself reading this with a bit of mild confusion because you just don’t know what’s going on.

fatal from outlawz

You play as Christina, a stunning blonde woman who is an in-demand gossip reporter for her newspaper. However, Christina is not really what she seems. A sensitive, caring and very loving wife, Christina was always destined to be more. After her husband’s murder, however, Christina discovers that she has an inborn ability for information gathering. Now she has to use this skill to help catch the murderer and put an end to his schemes. As if that wasn’t complicated enough, now she must deal with an unfaithful stepdaughter who has fallen out of love with her.

You’ll need to gather a lot of information in order to complete the game. First, head to the local law enforcement department and get all the leads you can. Talk to any witnesses, make contact with any previous employers and get all kinds of information. One thing that might be useful to have is a photo of the perpetrator; you can use this as reference for the authorities later on if they ask. If you are playing with the Xbox live gamertag “Fatal From Outlawz”, then this info comes free.

When it comes time to search for evidence, your in for a lot of hard work. Search every inch of the place, looking for anything that has relevance to the case. Try digging up information about the victim as well, like where she went to school and what kind of activities they usually participate in. If there’s any information at all about a possible accomplice, find it as well. When searching for potential suspects, make sure you are careful and don’t walk into the path of the suspect. There are tons of interesting stuff in and around the map, but you don’t want to trip over anything and get hurt.

Playing this game for many hours straight can be tedious and boring. Don’t worry though, you can stop at any time if you feel like it. You’ll even be allowed to slow down the action to see more of the scenery, or stop to take a break. There are five areas to play in the game, each with their own story to follow and characters to meet. When you beat the last target you will unlock the next area and take on the same task again.

Overall, Fatal From Outlawz is a great game. It’s one of the few that takes traditional role-playing game mechanics and creates an experience that stands alone. Even if you’ve never played one of these type games before, I highly recommend giving this one a try. It’s challenging and fun. If you like old-school text-based adventure gaming, you’ll love playing this one.