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The beauty of 2Pac and the Outlawz album is that they were able to come up with an incredible variety of music without it sounding like a generic rap record. The beats on this album have grown and evolved into some of the most twisted and intricate music that has ever been heard in the rap game.

2pac and the outlawz album

They began their career with a truly hip hop type of sound, but then they became more experimental as time went on, including the lyrical content as well. And now that the Outlawz album is out of the way, they have moved over to a new sound. With a new sound comes an entirely new genre of rap.

They are credited as a group of rappers, but you can hear the influence of groups like A Tribe Called Quest, Lauryn Hill, Big Daddy Kane, KRS One, Talib Kweli, Nas, Kam, and Mos Def. What sets them apart from the rest of the crowd is that they have such an awesome sense of humor. When they make fun of themselves and one another, it just makes it so much more hilarious.

There are plenty of times when they would talk about the abuse that people give their bodies through their lyrics and how it affects them, while there are times where they would talk about how the lyrical content on the record affects them. This makes the Outlawz Album not only hip hop, but it also serves as a series of self-help books. Two of the writers in the group were given Nobel Peace Prizes for their contributions to non-violence.

This is all in addition to their education, one of which is going to the same school as Ice Cube, who is probably the one and only artist that hold the record for the biggest sales in hip hop history. They talk about many of the accomplishments that are being held by the likes of Ice Cube and Kweli, but it is these personalities that really attract people to this type of music. It is the element of comedy that makes it so much more amusing to listen to.

The Outlawz talk about things that you are not supposed to discuss in public like one’s sexual preference or one’s love life. The fact that they are able to laugh about these subjects shows that they are able to get past the distractions and other problems that plague their lives. When it comes to being in a loving relationship, it seems as though they are happier than ever, despite what other people think of them.

Another quality of the Outlawz is that they have had to fight off the forces of the music industry that try to place constraints on them and keep them from reaching their full potential. There are also instances where the music industry tried to make it very difficult for them to get their music to the public because they were afraid that it would devalue their art, which is understandable.

They have done something that is very rare, as well as very ambitious, as well as original in the rap game. So, if you enjoy a truly absurd music and you are looking for a group of people that are smart, funny, and smart as well, then this album is for you. Their creativity alone makes this a must own album.